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Silver Facts and Fantasies II

CPM Group

June 9th 2022, 11:00 AM EDT

In 2021 CPM Group hosted our first ever Silver Facts and Fantasies presentation in leu of our 17th Annual Silver Reception at the {cancelled} Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada’s (PDAC) convention. The webinar reached a global audience, receiving praise from across the silver market. While CPM Group will once again host the Silver Reception at the 2022 PDAC this month, we have decided to also bring back the Silver Facts and Fantasies online seminar.

The past two years have seen tremendous changes and developments across the silver market. Some of these changes have been related to four major global problems: the pandemic, the accompanying economic lockdown and recession, the ongoing dysfunctional political systems both globally and in many specific countries, and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Other important factors are specific to developments in the silver and gold markets, and reflect transformational long-term changes in market structure and liquidity. These changes include the organization of retail investors in online communities, rapidly shifting large investor attitudes, changes in bullion banking trading patterns, and changes in exchange traded fund trading patterns.

All of these issues and more will be discussed in CPM Group’s 2nd annual Silver Facts and Fantasies presentation.  


All participants will receive a free copy of CPM Group’s exclusive Silver Facts report with details and data that back up the analysis in our presentation. This exclusive report can only be obtained from CPM Group or the sponsors of this event.

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EELO Solutions
Electrum Group of Companies
Endeavour Silver Corp.
Fortuna Silver Mines
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The Korelin Economics Report
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