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Simplified backup, archive and disaster recovery

When you use Commvault Singapore‘s complete, automated approach to data protection, you can back up your databases, files, apps, and endpoints quickly and affordably. Automatic deduplication allows for the most efficient storage of archived material in a reliable, always-available repository. Recovery is quick and simple no matter where or when it is required.

Metallic™ Cloud Storage Service​

About Commvault

Commvault SingaporeIn today’s digital economy, data is your competitive advantage. It predicts customer behavior, guides operational efficiency, and drives corporate strategy. It’s the crown jewel that must be protected, yet always accessible.  

The trouble is, your data grows, morphs, and fragments – digital bits and bytes in a constant state of movement and evolution. How you manage your data has everything to do with the degree to which you succeed.  

That’s where Commvault Singapore comes in. We help you do amazing things with your data. Our Intelligent Data Services can help you drive greater efficiency by transforming how you protect, store, and use data – regardless of where it lives or how it’s structured. One solution. One experience. Endless possibilities.   

Be ready when disaster strikes. Ready when cybercriminals take their best shot. Ready to capitalize when opportunities arise. 

Commvault. Be ready. 

Metallic Cloud Storage Service (MCSS). This fully integrated cloud storage target for Commvault Backup and Recovery software and HyperScale X appliance provide the ultimate in cloud security and scale through a single pane of glass. Commvault now offers an integrated cloud storage option through Metallic™ Cloud Storage Service. Giving you a single vendor for your data management and cloud storage needs, providing cost control and security from cyber threats such as ransomware.

Metallic Cloud Storage Service (MCSS) - Singapore

Assist IT departments in their efforts to streamline digital transformation, save expenses and increase scalability by integrating cloud storage for Commvault Backup and Recovery and HyperScale X.

Who does Commvault Serve?

State and local government agencies, ranging from the military and law enforcement to education, health care, and public safety, all need quite different kinds of information. In order to save costs and improve productivity, every company is being pushed to consolidate and simplify its IT infrastructures. Both are possible with Commvault. Analytics and reports may be generated throughout your whole data environment, while each department retains ownership of its own data.

Commvault Products

  • Cut IT Costs
  • Ransomware
  • Recovery Backup
  • Solutions
  • Cloud Solutions
  • Containers
  • Digital
  • Transformation
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Solutions
  • Hybrid Cloud
  • Data Compliance
  • Software Defined
  • Storage
  • Virtualization
  • VM Backup

Intelligent Data Services

Data Protection
Data Security
Data Compliance & Governance
Data Transformation
Data Insights Intelligent
Data Services


Complete Data Protection
Backup and Recovery
Disaster Recovery
File Storage Optimization
Data Governance
eDiscovery & Compliance


Distributed Storage
HyperScale X
Metallic Cloud Storage.

Metallic BaaS

Office 365 Backup
Salesforce Backup
Endpoint Backup
Microsoft Dynamics
365 Backup
VM & Kubernetes Backup Database
Backup File & Object Backup

Commvault Singapore Enquries

SE Asia Consulting are one of the Singapore based Commvault Partner Advantage Program members and as such can assist you with your enquiry on any of the Commvault products listed above for the Singapore market. 

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